Laura Hicks Foutz, Owner

STOTT PILATES® Lead Instructor Trainer
STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor
PMA Certified Instructor

Laura found the STOTT PILATES method while dancing professionally with the California Ballet in San Diego, CA. Later, while working at Inspire Health in Atlanta, Laura worked closely with physical therapists using the STOTT PILATES method in rehab and post-rehab settings. This broad experience lends her the ability to work with people at any end of the spectrum, whether recovering from injury, managing pain, athletic training or anything in between.

As an in-demand and sought-after STOTT PILATES Certified Lead Instructor Trainer, she teaches certification courses for Injuries and Special Populations, Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and Barrels throughout the southeast. When not at the studio, she enjoys making new vegetarian recipes and outdoor adventures with her husband and sons.

Melissa Croushorn
STOTT PILATES® Comprehensive Level 1 Certified Instructor

Melissa's background as a high performance athlete and dancer led her to Pilates to maximize physical capacity while simultaneously rehabbing physical imbalances and injuries. Her teaching philosophy focuses on precision and incremental gains per the individual. She holds a B.A. in Communication & Theatre Arts from Virginia Tech and an M.A. in American Dance Studies from Florida State University. A Virginia native, Melissa enjoys cooking and spending time in the Nashville art community.

Jyl Ferguson
STOTT PILATES® Comprehensive Level 1 Certified Instructor

Jyl's breadth of movement experience includes strength training and other somatic practices. Her passion for health and fitness inspired her to begin her Pilates training in 2019 as an Apprentice Instructor. Jyl's dedication for whole body strength shows in her focus to guide clients towards reaching their goals. Jyl holds a B.S. in Home Economics/Fashion Merchandising from Mississippi State University. When she's not training at the studio, you can find her hanging out with her two daughters, visiting family in her home state of Mississippi, or out for a power walk.

Karen Garfield
STOTT PILATES® Mat & Reformer Level 1 Certified Instructor

Following 25 years in the healthcare industry, with leadership positions with General Electric Healthcare, Medtronic, Hill Rom, and SunCrest Home Health, Karen saw the clinical value of using Pilates to improve muscle strength without the same risk of injury of other exercise regimes. A Wisconsin native, Karen holds a B.S. in Nursing from The University of Texas - Arlington. Outside the studio, Karen enjoys spending time outdoors with her dogs, horses, and family.

Bertie Lindenfelser
STOTT PILATES® Comprehensive Level 1 Certified Instructor

Bertie's personal Pilates practice added many years to her sonographic career by addressing the imbalances and injuries created by repetitive motion. She is excited to offer a positive environment and exercise modifications that allow each client, including those with inflammatory disease, to achieve and maintain their fitness goals in a safe and effective way. Bertie holds a B.S. in Vascular Imaging from Oregon Institute of Technology. A West Coast native, Bertie travels cross-country bi-annually to spend time with family and enjoys the outdoors.

Dawn Murry
STOTT PILATES® Mat & Reformer Level 1 Certified Instructor
STOTT PILATES® Level 1 Comprehensive Training
ACE Group Fitness Instructor

Dawn holds additional certifications in TRX, Spinning, and Kickboxing and has extensive experience training athletes and individuals with injuries or chronic conditions. She focuses on movement and pattern analysis for her clients to improve body awareness and establish alignment. Dawn holds a B.S. in Engineering from Northeastern University. A New England native and avid hockey fan, she explores the outdoors with her 3 adult children and husband.